UPDATE in English: meetup Kmidden and our community square, 25 and 27 November

How about those plans for Kmidden buildings and our community square?

To make it possible for more residents and entrepreneurs to attend, we will be holding the same meeting on 2 different dates/times:

in ENGLISH:  Thursday  25 Nov 19.30 only  ONLINE via zoom link www.bit.ly/kbuurtzoom  (leads to meeting  ID 769 172 7106 )

In DUTCH Saturday 27 nov 14.00 HYBRID:

LIVE Klieverink 73 (sign up bij Hart voor de Kbuurt & QR code AND

online  www.bit.ly/kbuurtzoom  (leads to meeting  ID 769 172 7106 )

What will it be about?

  • From residential area to residential, work and residential area?
  • ”The healed heart” a nice square and public space, where people can meet each other and where there is life and diversity of catering?
  • More green?
  • Attention for quality of life, social and economic development, but by and for whom?
  • More fizz and more safety? and what about the sound and noise?
  • Extra focus on (affordable housing for) the young people of the neighborhood and their talent development
  • More activity and starting entrepreneurs and a well functioning shopping center?
  • Facilitate the neighborhood’s cultural and care communities?
  • Building your own cooperative for/by groups?
  • Mobility?
  • Current residents do not go elsewhere, but instead benefit from developments?

More info about this process, see www.1104enzo.nl/kmiddencocreatie en www.amsterdam.nl/kbuurt

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